I'm sure a whole bunch of you are real apprehensive about this upcoming weekend because while it's a nice, relaxing holiday weekend, for some it also marks the beginning of yet another school year. That said, I have a perfect way for you to alleviate some of those back-to-school anxieties: simply go to the movies! Last week's horror double feature makes way for a weekend full of light, breezy material (with the exception of one heady futuristic flick for those gamers out there). Let's check out the list:

What's the Scoop: From the writer-director of Office Space comes another buzzed-about workplace comedy about the personal and professional goings-on at an Extract plant.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: A nice chunk of marketing, great word of mouth and a solid cast (Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck) should give this flick a good shot at winning the weekend.
What's the Scoop: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall and Ludacris star in this sci-fi flick about a multi-player game that allows humans to control other humans, and it centers on one star player (Butler) who's looking to gain his independence by taking out the game's creator (Hall).
Why It Might Win the Weekend: Sci-Fi was a hot genre this summer, and those diggin' the 300 version of Butler might be down to watch the actor kick some butt after suffering through his last few boring rom-coms. The downside? They somehow have to convince their audience full of gamers to actually stop gaming and leave their house to watch a movie. Will they succeed?
What's the Scoop: Sandra Bullock returns to the screen in another romantic comedy (whaddya know!) about an eccentric crossword puzzle freak who becomes convinced that a CNN cameraman (Bradley Cooper) is her one true love.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: People like Sandra Bullock rom-coms, which is why she keeps making them, but I haven't seen too much marketing for this movie. Do moviegoers even know it exists?
Keep in mind both Halloween II and The Final Destination 3D are still in theaters, though I can't see either of those movies climbing their way to the top for a second week in a row. It's a tough weekend to predict, and something tells me the final numbers won't be too high, but for my prediction this week I'm going with Extract to win the weekend.
Now it's your turn to predict the winner by sounding off below…