Halloween II Synopsis
Unstoppable Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) continues his murderous rampage in Haddonfield.
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Before this movie even comes out. Let me go ahead and educate you hate mongers.

By TheBullcrapAttacker
The remake of Halloween. WAS GREAT, ORIGINAL, AND ENTERTAINING!!! " Why it was nothing like John Carpenters" blah blah blah! WHAT DID YOU PEOPLE DO WHEN FRIDAY THE 13th 2009 CAME OUT?!?!? "Oh that was...

Get over it

By youallarehaters
You guys are so dumb..... if you dont want to see this movie dont go see it, if you dont like remakes dont go see it, if you dont like rob zombie dont go see it, if you dont like micheal myers dont...

this is not jason this is michael myers

By phedup12
plain and simpe michael myers mom never told him to kill people she was a nice lady and wanted to help her son out.. jason is the movie were his mom was telling jason to kill so you cant put...

Helloween Too!

By judemovies
This is the genre I know best so I see this kind of movie in a different way than some. I go for the effects and props and stunt work. Blood bags etc...The action in this movie never quit from...

Halloween is the greatest and nothing...

By dabaddestbytch615
nothing can make michael myers look bad. i loved all the originals and i loved the remade one and i cant wait till part 2 come out because i am going to be there front and center watching my baby...


By wemustkillrobzombie
iI really hate rob zombie his music sucks and his movies are even worse the first halloween was horrid just blood and guts and stupid camera effects the only decent part of the movie was the...

Its Halloween IN AUG!

By delima5
I can't wait for this one. I am a big fan of horror movies. Seeing mostly everything new that's came out in the pass few years. Collector, Hauting in Conntiucit and new Friday the 13th were all...

Just Saw The Movie At Midnight

By jray014
This movie does not live up any true Halloween fans' expectations. The mindless gore while a great add-on does not salvage the fact that the movie was terrible. Michael is no longer the slowly...

Rob Zombie is truly brilliant!

By madgab04
Rob Zombie seems to connect with my same views on where a story needs to take you. There are many reviews on Halloween 2 , however none of them focus on the fact that this is not supposed to be a...

Sequel Remake of A Sequel ... Wow

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Back in August 2006 I watched the remake of holloween not knowing what to expect from Rob Zombie. Well he didnt disappoint but it wasnt the greatest movie in the world, I enjoyed it though. I watched...

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Rated R | For Crude Sexual Content, Bloody Violence, Strong Brutal Violence, Disturbing Graphic Images, Language and Nudity
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Common Sense Media says not for kids Ultra-gory sequel/remake is brutally violent, badly made.
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