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A death-row inmate (Gerard Butler) is caught between the inventor (Amber Valletta) of a deadly online game and a group that opposes the inventor's high-tech slavery.
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Worst Movie I Have Seen In My Lifetime

By European MovieFan
I have seen hundreds of movies past 4 decades .This movie was the worst !!!!. I left the movie theater after watching this movie only 10 minutes, and I was not the only one.. It looks that the movie...

wish it took it to the next level

By meccassault
this movie had a lot of potential but wasn't everything it could've was definitely worth seeing and in theaters too.. Strong points: Lead Role Gerard Butler was made to do action...


By jbnc143
wait for dvd...

Wow, simply amazing.

By Privyet
You people don't get it, do you? This was a great movie! "But kids see it!" DON'T F**KING TAKE THEM. It's rated R for a reason, and they say there is some nudity for a reason. In any case, this...

Five Word Review

By laaloba
Gerard is great as always!...

The Gamer

By bella2245
it was a great movie i enjoyed it very much...

Five Word Review

By Rhonda18
Dull Boring Creepy Action Lame...

wait for ppv

By proudmexican0000
The Gamer overall is an okay movie. I do think that they should've added more to the final script like... oh i don't know... AN ENDING. But from the very start there's action and blood, which I have...

Possible Future?

By samdiaz
Gamer is a non-stop action movie that explores human's power to inflict pain on others for their own entertainment. Many times I found myself thinking "this would be sooo cool!" but then immediately...


By keyjon
I went to see Gamer last night. Like many others, I was drawn in, from the trailer, by the action, the idea of the evolution of gaming, and the societal commentary on the future of our entertainment....

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Rated R | For violence, sexual content, nudity and language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Ultra-violent sci-fi action film aims to shock and offend.
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