All About Steve Synopsis
A smitten woman (Sandra Bullock) follows a news cameraman (Bradley Cooper) around the country.
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Don't Go and Don't Rent Either

By jshoreflyer
I'm only not going to give this an Oh No! because I'm sure there are worse movies out there. This one was not good, I didn't stay for anything past the scene when the 3 of them get out of the sewer...

Read me....

By abslice
I Actually went to see this film at the pre-screen presentation, and Comming from someone who likes Thrillers and not this type of comedy I got to say... It was Good. Original, It is not a Girl...

Suprisingly not that bad !!

By mommabear651
I know the title of the review is misleading but people are really slamming this movie and it was entertaining, and engaging I took my 73 yr old Mom she loved it. Sandra gives a good performance her...


By knittybritty09
my mom and i went to see this together, and we loved it!! Bradley Cooper (<3) is fantastic, and sandra bullock really makes it funny!! MUST GO SEE!!!! if not for the hilarious story-line, but just to see bradley cooper on the big screen!!! :D...


By calgirl5683
i can't wait for this movie!!! i love Sandra Bullock!!! i think this movie will be absolutely hilarious!!!...

Loved It!!!

By batgirl20
After reading both the fan and critic reviews for All About Steve, I was pretty hesitant to go see it. I usually love Sandra Bullock movies, so I was willing to give this one a shot. I'm really glad...

FUNNY- Laughed the whole time and so did the rest of the packed theater!

By WegoMovieWkids
Went with a girlfriend for girls night out. Almost went to another movie because of the bad reviews (even from the young kid who sold us the ticket), glad we did not. We laughed the whole time- for...

It's a feel good movie

By Baby Jane
My husband and I went to see it last night. We really liked it. Laughed through the whole thing. Maybe not her best movie, bust she was funny anyway. Would see it again...

All About Steve

By sandrews
I'm so glad that I didn't liisten to the movie 'critics' about this one. I loved it! It was silly, crazy and Sandra Bullock was cute as always....

All About Steve

By margaret143
My whole party loved it. My husband and daughter even had tears forming at one point. I loved it because it was funny, but also because there were serious and sad parts too. A very well rounded...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Sandra Bullock plays a stalker in unappealing romcom.
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