The Final Destination 3D Synopsis
Horrible fates await friends who narrowly escaped death during a horrific racecar crash.

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Final Destination 3D - FD3D arrived with much 3D fanfare. Rating: 80 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

THURS 8/27 - FD3D is a visual treat - mainly because this movie was shot in THE 3D technology that James Cameron's AVATAR utilized. Death (and dying) is a morbid subject but there is nothing grave...

Great Movie

By GCR394
If you like the Final Destination series so far I know you will enjoy this move! Even if you're just in to gore and blood then this movie is the one for you!!!...

The Final Destination 3D

By brettlovesthemovies
thank goodness it was in 3d, otherwise this would have been an exact replica of the other 3. but hey, if they can make 6 saw's with the same plot, you might as well. i was very impressed with the use...

3D is soooo cool!

Sure it's just another bloody horror movie, but if you like gorey movies, then 3D is the best way to see them. Guts coming right at you. Blood spurtting into your face. Bones sticking out like they...

Final Destination 3

By jmaruni1
The movie was GREAT. It was different than other 3D movies that I've seen. The scenes in this movie seemed like they were made especially for 3D viewing awesomeness. I totally recommend it, you'll...

Five Word Review

By ricanprincess163

The Final Destination Should Be The Final

By the_flick_reviewing_king
I ve watched the entire series and enjoyed the first and second parts but then the third part kinda lost me I mean it was ok but nowhere near the first two. I dont know but making more of these...

Such a must go!

By movielover13579
this movie is going to be totally awesome. especially in 3D because it'll make you feel like ur there and for a horror movie, that'll be interseting i cant wait!...

the final destination franchise = best horror movie(s) ever.

By shopaholic12345
watch this movie. i doubt it will flop or be unsuccessful. if you don't like gory movies then don't watch it, but if you do, this is theee movie to see. simple as that....

Final Destination 3D

By DorothyBelle
It was the best 3D I have ever seen! Now that makes a movie like this better. I so don't jump at the scary movies I see, mind you I have seen many many many of them, BUT I did a few times for this...

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Rated R | For strong violent/gruesome accidents, language and a scene of sexuality.
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Common Sense Media says Horror franchise's leap to 3D is gorier than ever.
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