Critics are calling Sandra Bullock's performance in Gravity her best yet. Indeed, she commands the role and the screen with physical and emotional vigor unlike we've ever seen from her before. Even her Oscar-winning portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side has nothing on what she does in the new film, playing an inexperienced astronaut trying to survive in space after an accident strands her in orbit with dwindling oxygen. 

Meanwhile, she's still proving to be a major box office power in gigs where she remains simply "Sandra Bullock," movie star. Her other release this year, The Heat, is one of her highest grossing, and so while the rom-com staple has been more and more displaying her dramatic chops in films like Infamous, we're not about to lose the girl we loved so much in The Proposal. And if anything, her work in Gravity might -- if we're lucky -- influence casting directors to consider her for more serious action roles. After all, let's not forget where we first fell for her: Speed.

Of course, Bullock has some real blemishes on her resume. She had a great sense of humor about it, but that Razzie win for Worst Actress in All About Steve the same year as her Academy Award honor was not unexpected given some of her career choices. Still, she has a ton of underrated movies among her lower grossing vehicles, most notably her work with then-little-known Ryan Gosling in Murder by Numbers. She's also the best part of the ensemble in Crash, which is something easily overlooked. 

Check out the list of all her films here, and tell us which one of her movies or performances is your favorite.