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A book editor is forced to marry her male assistant in order to stay in the country.
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Wed 4/29 - I just attended the advance press screening of this 1hr 45mins romantic comedy starring the charmingly expressive Ryan Reynolds(Van Wilder, Definitely/Maybe, Blade 3, Wolverine) and the...

A Comedy with Romance

By moodrojam
Ever since I heard about the film, I wanted to see it because I love Sandra Bullock and enjoy Ryan Reynolds comedic nature, so I was excited that I had a chance to it with an advanced screening...

Disappointed in Sandra

By Shadowfax0925
The movie was good but I was disappointed in Sandra. Her movies have always been very funny without stooping to nudity. This was NOT brief and gave you an eye full several times with all but her one...

"The Proposal" - The Best Sandra Bullock Movie....Ever!

By sweetivylyn
Just came out of the 11:10AM show at AMC in Port Chester, N.Y. and am feeling extremely uplifted! The theatre was "packed" for a 1st show on a Friday morning of opening day...primarily women and...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normally i LOVE chick flicks because I'm gay, and my boyfriend always brings me to them. But i didin't even laugh like a little girl in this movie. I was hopeing for a good chick flick but this made...

Best Romantic Comedy in a LONG time

By Jeff41985
I was laughing so hard though most of the movie my sides hurt, great date movie, just a great funny movie...

This is a movie for everybody to see!!

By DJ Los
This movie was GREAT!! I haven't seen a movie like this, that I've liked so much in such a long time!! Kept me entertained throughout the whole movie... I definitely wanna see it again....


By dmundy
Much funnier than I had expected. Best "romantic" comedy in a long time!...

I do, Love The Proposal!!

By ShutterBear66
Treated my sister (Ryan Reynolds fan), to the Sneak Preview on Saturday. I'm a huge Sandra Bullock fan so I was expecting a good movie. I am so glad I wasn't disappointed. The cast worked well...

Too Much Skin

By DaMama
This was a very funny movie, but it could have been family friendly by leaving out the way too much skin bedroom scene. It didn't add to the plot, it was only in there for titilation. Same with the...

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Rated PG-13 | For sexual content, nudity and language
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