Throw a Dory-Inspired Undersea Adventure Party

Throw a Dory-Inspired Undersea Adventure Party

Throw a Dory-Inspired Undersea Adventure Party

Finding Dory continues Pixar’s underwater tale with new adventures and new sea creatures! No one can forget (or can they) how Dory stole our hearts in Finding Nemo, and this time the story is all hers, as Dory sets out to reunite with her parents.

Here’s how to get creative and throw an under the sea Finding Dory party for your guests before you hit the theater!

It’s easy to get an underwater feel without going over the top. Subtle blues, whites and greens give a relaxing sea-worthy vibe that makes for an airy party backdrop. Blue and white honeycomb decor resemble sea anemone, while rock candy looks like the part of coral and doubles as a fun take-home treat.

Plastic grass stands flank the party table to look like sea grass, while colorful candles light up the seascape. DIY Dory balloons keep the guests busy and the decor light.


It’s not an underwater party without goldfish and these tasty crackers teamed up with Pixar to release a special Finding Dory version that is a perfect party snack.



Travelling the EAC is a turtle’s way of life, create your own route across your buffet table with fun turtle turkey and cheese sandwiches. Poking out of the side, sliced pickles are easily cut to resemble the turtle’s head and arms. Time for lunch, dude!



An effortless party table is one that guests can navigate while still being busy playing and having fun. Here Hank the octopus is made of an orange and dried mango for legs, while crumb cake muffins serve as a bouncy ocean floor and quick grab and go snacks.



Dory meets lots of other creatures along her journey including fuzzy otters. Use ready made cookies to recreate the loveable creatures, floating on their backs across your party  table.

All of these fun themed snacks will get you in the mood to follow Dory along her adventures when Finding Dory hits theaters in June!


Supply list:


Honeycomb decor


The Container Store

Grassy organizers



Flameless Nemo Candle



Finding Dory Goldfish Crackers



Turtle Sandwiches

You’ll need:

Small dinner rolls



Sliced Sandwich Pickles


Slice the dinner rolls and stack with turkey and cheese.


Cut the sliced pickle in half and lay one half on top of the sandwich with the end hanging off the side. Press peppercorns in to create the eyes. Make sure you remove these before eating.


Take the other half of the sliced pickle and slice it in half again, laying it across the other pickle to create the turtle’s arms.


Place the top half of the roll onto the sandwich to serve.



Otter Cookies

You’ll need:

Milano cookies

Chocolate icing

White icing

Black icing

With a #5 tip and chocolate icing, pipe an oval a the top of the cookie. Add arms to the middle and legs on the bottom.


With white icing and a #3 tip add two white circles onto the brown oval.


Use a #2 tip to add eyes, ears, nose and whiskers with the black icing.


Once the icing has set the cookies are ready to serve.




DIY Dory Balloon

You’ll need:

7-inch blue balloons

Eyeball printouts

Fin and tail printouts


Blow up the ballons and tie to close.

Let guests cut out and tape on Dory’s eyes, fins and tails.



IMAGES: Jenn Fujikawa




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