• Released
  • May 30, 2003
  • (3D re-elease date 9/14/12)
  • G , 1 hr 40 min
  • Action/Adventure
Finding Nemo Synopsis
A clown fish (Albert Brooks) searches for his son (Alexander Gould).
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Movie Reviews

Holy ****

By mcotton88
Dear dhplayskeys, The title of the movie is, "Finding Nemo: 3D". As in 3 Dimensional. Not as in, "hey guys we skipped Finding Nemo 2 and we are going straight to 3!". I don't know. Maybe I am just...

save your money

By dhplayskeys
if you have the dvd at home watch that again....i thought this was a part two and didnt research to see that it was the same finding nemo that i have in my dvd collection...the movies these days are...

One of the best animated films ever

By ClarkGascoigne

Finding Nemo

By NatHagan062308
HIlarious for a children's movie so entertaining def woul recommend if you don not have the dvd that you go and purchase it . enjoyed from beginning to end....


By culiokings2000
Such a good story... had my interest the entire time... can't wait for the second one!...

By KDBolejack

By Harsh Critic2

Finding Nemo

By beemer114
Best. Movie. Ever. This is not a movie for only kids. This movie is for everyone!!!! It is a timeless classic that you can enjoy again and again forever. Keeps you watching until the very end. Love...

By princessk443
Wonderful! The beginning where the mother gets killed and when the babies die is scary...

Nemo Lover

By kat678
I am 16. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. To put it short. I have never fallen in love with a movie before. But now years after its out and a few years from Finding Dory, this movie is still my favorite. I can...

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Rated G
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Sweet father-son tale has some very scary moments.
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