Bad Moms  is the best excuse so far this summer for a moms' night out at the movies. A buddy comedy about moms is a unicorn, but as it turns out, there are actually quite a few opportunities for the ladies to head out to the multiplex on their own in the next few months. Here are some options, depending on your mood.


Ghostbusters. Four of today’s most hilarious actresses reinvent the ‘80s classic, and this time, the movie isn’t just about catching ghosts, it’s about friendship. The enjoyment factor can be measured exponentially by how many friends you pack into the theater, so the only question left is: Who ya gonna call? (In theaters now)



Equity.  Wall Street. Wolf of Wall Street. The Big Short. What are these movies about the world of finance missing? Women in power roles. Equity changes that, showing women dominating the world of investment banking in the same way men in the movies do: corruptly. Or, as John Oliver would say: #LadyCrimes #Feminism (July 29)


Suicide Squad. Sure, Jared Leto creates a new brand of warped Joker and Will Smith steps up to play a villain for once as Deadshot, and that’s all exciting. But let’s be honest: the real scene stealer is Margot Robbie’s take on that adorably mental rapscallion Harley Quinn. Add in Cara Delevingne as the Enchantress, Karen Fukuahara as samurai Katana, and Viola Davis as the tough government agent wrangling the villains, and it makes for the perfect night to revel in girls both bad and badass. (August 5)



Sausage Party. Not all animated movies are meant for kids, and this R-rated romp is the latest example. And this dose of raunchy humor is best enjoyed along with a warm friend and a cold drink. Best part: this movie could kick-start that cleanse you have been meaning to start. (August 13)


 The Light Between Oceans. Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander star in this heartbreaker that only a mother can truly appreciate: a childless couple discovers a baby in a rowboat and raise her as their own. Everything is lovely for years until they encounter their daughter’s birth mother and must decide if they should reveal the truth. Men may prefer a pass on this, so let your guy off the hook and grab your melodramatic mom buddy instead (and a box of tissues... and a pint of Häagen-Dazs).  (September 2) 


When the Bough Breaks. How many different ways can you say, “Oh no she didn’t!” Surrogacy has a dark side, and her name is Anna, the hired mom-to-be who decides the baby isn’t the only part of Morris Chestnut she wants. This Fatal Attraction/The Hand that Rocks the Cradle mash-up is a legit horror film for moms. (September 9)


Bridget Jones's Baby. Cinema’s most awkward and relatable female character is now over 40 and getting through a breakup just fine, thank you, using that time-honored system of career immersion and gorgeous new boyfriend acquisition – that is, until she finds out she’s pregnant. Plus, is the dad her ex (Colin Firth) or the new guy (Patrick Dempsey)? Tough choice. Bridget isn’t allowed to drink wine, but you and your friends can. (September 13)