Bridget Jones's Baby Synopsis
Befuddled mom-to-be Bridget Jones must figure out which man in her life is the father of her child.
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Love this movie, just as it is!

By Kendallbartels
This is an excellent third adaption that brings the tone and humor of the film back up to the quality of the original! The cast members are lovely and give charming performances, there's enough new...

Bridget is back at it again

By movie lover 465
Jones is back at it, she is the same funny, crazy, love obsessed woman that we all know and love. Couldn't stop laughing. Wish their were more rom-coms like this today...

By mbbastrangfeld
This movie is indicative of our societies problems. This is acceptable now. Pathetic....

good, funny .but not as entertaining

By lybw

Guys bring your wife

By TommyBoy2016
Little long at over 2hours for a rom-com. Had some very funny moments. Clearly this is a chick-flick, but recommended. The final scene hints at a 4th BJones....

Another case of sequel overload.

By dunkele
Unfortunately, this movie was a complete waste of 2 hours. The 1st movie was a gem, 2nd OK, this one, the 3rd installment of Bridget Jones was just a 2 hour junk. I was looking at my watch in the...

Bridget Jones' Baby

By grinnell12984
Awesome must see movie for ALL Bridget Fans!!! Did not disappoint!!!...

Classic Bridget Jones

By tym410s527
If you are a Bridget Jones fan, you will not be disappointed. Patrick Dempsey was a nice addition to the cast. All of the original cast members were back. I like the way they had flashbacks of the...

The question is why?

By jgn1977
Why was this movie made? My wife is a huge fan of this franchise but this movie was just terrible. Looking at these men swoon over this beast was frightening. I just kept thinking. why???...

Absolutely riveting

By tj80sgirl68
This movie is hilarious, if you love Bridget Jones then I would highly recommend you see this chapter in her life, I was laughing so hard I was in tears, and I was not the only one! This is not a...

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Rated R | For Sex References, Language and Some Nudity
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Common Sense Media says Fun, if racy, sequel reminds us why we love Bridget.
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