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One Hour with You

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is One Hour with You?
One Hour with You is 1 hr 20 min long.
Who directed One Hour with You?
Ernst Lubitsch
Who is Dr. Andre Bertier in One Hour with You?
Maurice Chevalier plays Dr. Andre Bertier in the film.
What is One Hour with You about?
Andre (Maurice Chevalier) and Colette (Jeanette MacDonald) have been married for three years when temptation pays a visit. Colette's schoolmate, Mitzi (Genevieve Tobin), stops by and takes a liking to Andre. While Mitzi's advances toward Andre intensify, Colette is being romantically pursued by Andre's good friend Adolph (Charles Ruggles). Colette, oblivious to Mitzi's intentions, assumes her husband's infidelities are focused elsewhere. Similarly, Andre doesn't suspect his pal's advances.