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Ocean's Eleven / Pal Joey

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What is Ocean's Eleven / Pal Joey about?
OCEAN’S ELEVEN, 1960, Warner Bros. 127 min. Dir. Lewis Milestone. The original rat pack classic, in which Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and other old war buddies join forces to pull off a massive heist on New Years Eve.
PAL JOEY, 1957, Sony Repertory, 111 min. Dir. George Sidney. A film that played at the Egyptian on its initial release (52 years ago!), Kim Novak stars alongside Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth in this musical tale of showbiz romance. When "mousy" chorus girl Linda English (Novak) holds out against the advances of womanizing crooner Joey Evans (Sinatra), his interest in her increases ten-fold. Wealthy widow and financier Vera Simpson (Hayworth) meets Joey and agrees to underwrite his private nightclub venture, but has a jealous change of heart when she learns of his affections for Linda.