Today in Movie Culture: ‘Toy Story 4’ VFX Breakdown, ‘Midsommar’ Toys, Overthinking ‘The Lion King’ and More

Today in Movie Culture: ‘Toy Story 4’ VFX Breakdown, ‘Midsommar’ Toys, Overthinking ‘The Lion King’ and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


VFX Breakdown of the Day

Pixar has outdone themselves with Toy Story 4, in which the characters are so detailed they almost look real. Animation has come a long way since the first movie, but what exactly has advanced? Insider offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the studio’s artists achieved such impressive visuals:


Song Parody of the Day

Toy Story 4 not only gives fans an all-new Randy Newman song to add to his franchise favorites, but one of them is a ballad sung from the perspective of Woody. Now we can enjoy another Woody tune in the form of this parody of “Old Town Road” courtesy of Aaron Fraser-Nash, KingHenryTheEtch, and Tom Hanks soundalike James Hurn:


Movie Merchandise of the Day

You’d expect Pixar’s new movie to have tie-in toys available, and not just because of its title. But would you ever imagine a horror movie such as Midsommar could? Inspired by Ari Aster’s sophomore feature, A24 released a commercial for a “bear in a cage” toy, and the item is actually available to buy:


Mash-up of the Day

Midsommar is proving to be a prime fodder for amusing mash-ups, especially due to its title and its camp-like setting. Here’s one that crosses Ari Aster’s new horror movie with the 2001 cult classic comedy Wet Hot American Summer, making the former look funny and making the latter look scary:


Movie Comparison of the Day

Men in Black: International resurrects a movie franchise that began back in the 1990s. Meanwhile, Marvel has resurrected that decade as the setting for one of their latest movies. Are the two related? Couch T. has spotted a number of parallels between the original Men in Black and Captain Marvel:


Movie Artist of the Day

Fans are extremely impressed with the design of Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, especially for the inclusion of the iconic fish bowl helmet. Who was responsible for making the character look so cool? Meet Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding, who talks about his design here:


Cosplay of the Day

Another fan-favorite design in Spider-Man: Far From Home is Spidey’s new stealth suit. One of the best things about the suit is that it should allow for an easy costume, save for the mask. Well, here’s Cardboard Cosplay with a tutorial on making a cheap and easy DIY solution for your fandom needs:


Movie Food of the Day

In anticipation of Spider-Man: Far From Home, many fans revisited Spider-Man: Homecoming and while doing so probably had a craving for Lao cuisine, specifically larb and sticky rice pudding as seen in the movie. Fortunately, the latest edition of Binging with Babish shows how to make these special dishes:


Fan Art of the Day:

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the number one movie in the world right now, but the superhero blockbuster will face Disney’s next live-action reimagining in a week and have to give up the throne. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this fan-made mash-up poster for inspired by Far From Home and The Lion King:


Video Essay of the Day

Fans of The Lion King are likely watching the original while waiting for the new version to come out. And possibly noticing things they never thought about before. Here’s a funny video overthinking the animated classic and the idea that young Simba may have been messing with the circle of life by subsisting on bugs:

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