Today in Movie Culture: The Joker Meets Pennywise, a Legal Look at the Joker’s Mental Health and More

Today in Movie Culture: The Joker Meets Pennywise, a Legal Look at the Joker’s Mental Health and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Character History of the Day

Joker is now in theaters featuring the latest cinematic portrayal of the most iconic DC Comics villain, who is otherwise best known as Batman’s greatest arch-nemesis. In honor of his first solo outing on the big screen, Birth.Movies.Death. created a short documentary on the history of the character. Watch below.


Movie Science of the Day

For almost 80 years, the Joker has been viewed as a crazy clown, and now Joker depicts him as actually suffering from mental illness. But would his actions warrant an insanity defense in real life? Science expert Kyle Hill gets technical about psychiatry and the law to determine if the character is truly criminally insane:


Cosplay of the Day

Don’t forget, some movie theater chains are banning cosplay at screenings of Joker this weekend. But people are still dressing up as the title character, whether it’s the Joaquin Phoenix version or not, to celebrate the movie’s opening. Most are just doing so at home and sharing evidence on social media, like this excited fan:


Actor in the Spotlight

Does Joaquin Phoenix deliver a distinctly phenomenal performance as the Joker? Or is it more of the same from the gifted actor? In honor of the release of Joker, Birth.Movies.Death looks back on his career to show how his past roles have basically led to him playing the Clown Prince of Gotham City:


Easter Eggs of the Day

As you get ready to go see Joker this weekend, you may want to rewatch all the trailers for the movie. And then watch them again with all their Easter eggs pointed out by the experts. Here’s Insider with a look at all the references and other things you may have missed in the final spot for the DC villain showcase:


Alternative Marketing of the Day

If the trailers haven’t gotten you interested in seeing Joker, how about a radio advertisement in which the premise of the movie is rapped by Big Hush? The latest movie promotion from Texas station Candy 95 features the music artist rhyming “screen” with “Joaquin” and acknowledging past portrayals of the title character:


Mashup of the Day

Speaking of all the past portrayals of the Joker, what if they all appeared in the same movie together, like they were part of a colliding multiverse? This fake trailer from Mr. Krepshus unites Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix plus versions played by Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson and Jared Leto for an imagined crossover titled Jokers:


Fan Art of the Day

Video mashup makers aren’t the only ones having fun with the idea of all four modern era live-action Joker movie actors sharing the screen as their versions of the Clown Prince of Crime. Here’s some fan art depicting Joaquin, Jared, Jack and Heath riding together, probably on their way to no good:


Comedy Sketch of the Day

There are now two big movies out in theaters focused on evil clowns. And that may be causing real professional clowns some discomfort. That’s the premise of this sketch from The Late Late Show with James Corden, in which a bunch of good clowns battle Joker’s title character and Pennywise from It Chapter Two:


Alternate Casting of the Day:

Speaking of the link between Joker and It Chapter Two, both of which are Warner Bros. releases, what if the actors who play the two evil clowns reversed their roles? Fans have been at least imagining Bill Skarsgård, who famously portrays It’s Pennywise, as the Joker. Here’s artist Will Gray with what that’d look like:

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