If you saw Magic Mike back in 2012, you probably remember being surprised at how much more it was than just a movie about hot guys taking off their clothes, from the smart script to the precise direction to the great performances. 

Three years later, you probably ONLY remember it for those scenes with hot guys taking off their clothes. 

To prepare for Magic Mike XXL opening July 1, let’s relive some of those great scenes in gif form. Be forewarned — your boss might inquire what exactly you’re watching (or they might just pull up a chair).  You're welcome.


This awesome Channing Tatum maneuver:


Because Amurica!


Please note the sort of hilarious superhero move in the back:


Tatum as Magic Mike Lane is ab-solutely fabulous:


Matthew, we'll miss you in the sequel...


We love this Matt, too:


Makin' it rain:


This one has us floored:


No laughing matter:


And finally.... 


All gifs via Giphy