Magic Mike XXL Synopsis
On the road to their final show, with whistle stops in Jacksonville and Savannah to renew old acquaintances and make new friends, Mike and the guys learn some new moves and shake off the past in surprising ways.
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By Nursemary70
this movie was amazing. The dancing, the story, the ROCK HARD ABS. The best movie of the year....


By Karlisafelder
This was better than the 1st!!! Jada killed her part!!!...

A lot of fun!

By charitymaes12
I loved the movie as a whole. The ending could have been better but definitely better than the first. The movie made me feel like I was in a strip club but without any dollar bills to throw myself!...

Fun Movie!

By detlawlady
I saw an advance screening and I really enjoyed this movie a lot. Both the music and choreography were great and the characters were developed well. I also thought it was quite funny. It was way...

Oh My....

By chrisacevedo1994
Oh...My...Channing...Tatum!!!! This sequel is worth the wait!!!! Go see it!!!! Loads of fun and sexy men!!!!! The theatre was jumping out of their seats and cheering!!!...

This is why you shouldn't make Part II

By keberle3368
Knew going in it wasn't going to be as entertaining as the original but this was painfully slow and disjointed (no pun intended)....

Oh I really wanted this to be good

By crikitrn
I have been waiting for this movie to be released. I could hardly wait to get there today. Wow! It was awful. Channing Tatum can dance and I went to see that. Joe Manganiello is hot and I wanted to...

It's OK

By dlreid
The movie seems to take a long time to get started and I was waiting for the dancing. It's the end of the movie where you really get interested....

By emilymizell88
It had it's good scenes but the 1st one was so much better. Scene at the house with the older horny women was really awkward and painful to watch. Missed Dallas, Adam, and his sister's characters....

Not worth the hype

By candyapplekc
Just ok at best. Not worth your money save it for when you can find it free online. Previews always make movies seem better than they really are. The new additions to the movie didn't really...

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Rated R | For Strong Sexual Content, Pervasive Language, Some Nudity and Drug Use
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Common Sense Media says Entertaining cast, thin plot, tons of sexy dancing.
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