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Lawrence, Affleck, Hathaway - What's Next for the Oscar Winners?

Lawrence, Affleck, Hathaway - What's Next for the Oscar Winners?

The Oscars are now past tense and it's time to look to the future. So what are the four acting winners along with best director Ang Lee and best picture helmer Ben Affleck working on next?


Jennifer Lawrence

Coming Up This Year: Aside from that little sequel called The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lawrence will re-team with her Silver Linings co-star Bradley Cooper for the Depression-era drama Serena. The film finds Lawrence and Cooper playing North Carolina timber magnates whose empire becomes complicated when Serena (Lawrence) cannot bear children.

Further Down the Road: Next year will bring Lawrence in another tentpole blockbuster as she returns for X-Men: Days of Future Past to reprise her First Class role as Raven/Mystique. She'll also be re-teaming with Silver Linings director David O. Russell for an untitled dramatic history thriller about an FBI sting operation in the 1970s that leads to the conviction of U.S. Congressmen. Cooper co-stars in that movie as well.


Daniel Day-Lewis

Coming Up This Year: Nothing. This is Daniel Day-Lewis we're talking about. He re-appears after taking a couple years off to enjoy his recently acquired awards to win even more accolades.

Further Down the Road: Probably another Oscar or two, maybe more? Time will tell, but the actor doesn't have any films on the radar.


Christoph Waltz

Coming Up This Year: Waltz will voice a character in Fox Animation's Epic before moving on to co-star opposite Matt Damon in the Terry Gillam drama The Zero Theorem. If you think that title sounds kind of techy, you're on the right track. The film follows a computer hacker who is attempting to discover the reason for human existence but has his work interrupted by Management (Damon).

Further Down the Road: Given his Oscar success with Quentin Tarantino's films (he's 2-for-2) there will/should be another role for Waltz whenever Tarantino gets set to put his next story onto film. Until then, Waltz will star as '80s Soviet Union icon Mikhail Gorbachev in the Mike Newell directed Reykjavik. Newell has helmed over 80 titles during his career including Donnie Brasco, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Four Weddings and a Funeral. The film co-stars Michael Douglas as Ronald Regan and chronicles their 1986 Reykjavik summit.


Anne Hathaway

Coming Up This Year: Her coveted Oscar finally acquired, Hathaway will be spending some time out of theaters this year. Her only appearance will be in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial film, Don Jon's Addiction in which she cameos as one of the Movie Star roles.

Further Down the Road: Rio 2 will roll into theaters in 2014 and Hathaway will reprise her role of Jewel. The film will center on the 2014 FIFA World Cup and will involve Blu and Jewel's three chicks, one of which is afraid to fly. Rio 2 will be in theaters on April 11, 2014.


Ang Lee

Coming Up This Year: After directing the adaption of what was considered an un-filmable book to an Oscar win, Lee doesn't have any projects lined up for this year. Given his work history of directing every two or three years, it's likely he won't direct anything until 2014 at the earliest.

Further Down the Road: Lee will be producing a Marvel Comics adaptation with legendary stunts choreographer Woo-ping Yeun taking on directing duties. The film, The Hands of Shang-Chi, follows a young Kung-Fu master who learns his father is the world's worst criminal. The film is being co-produced by DreamWorks and Marvel Studios.


Ben Affleck

Coming Up This Year: Affleck continues his career resurgence this year with acting roles in Terrance Malick's To The Wonder (due out April 12) and Brad Furman's Runner, Runner. The latter will arrive in theaters September 27 and co-stars Gemma Arterton, Justin Timberlake and Anthony Mackie and involves a businessman who owns an offshore gambling operation whose relationship with his protégé reach a boiling point.

Further Down the Road: Aside from the two aforementioned films, there's nothing else on Affleck's radar, though there has been plenty of talk involving he and long-time friend Matt Damon collaborating on a biopic about Boston-based crime lord Whitey Bulger. The project may eventually get scrapped as Barry Levinson directs Johnny Depp in their Bulger biopic due out in 2014.


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