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Epic Synopsis
A teenager is magically transported to a secret universe.
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Great Movie for kids and adults

By godofpool
Epic was a great movie for all ages. It's plot was simple enough that the young children would understand and complicated enough so the adults were entertained as well. The graphics were fantastic...

Overambitious Title

By MedRed
Epic does not live up to its name. Its rare for a big budget animated movie to miss the mark. Epic is mildly entertaining. Epic takes the same honey-I-shrunk-the-forest-savior that Fern Gully took in...

Good for boys and girls

By caseympb
So many movies appeal to one gender (a princess or a warrior), but this story has both male and female heroes. Not the greatest animated story ever, but a good time. There is not too much scary stuff...

Better than I thought it would be!

By Silr4c
This was definitely worth seeing in the theater! I don't usually go to out to see a movie twice but for this one I would not hesitate to see again. It flowed really well and had an engaging but not...

Better than expected

By rgiugliano
I was not sure if this would be adventurous enough for my kids (5, 7 & 11) to stay focussed. But they enjoyed it very much. My husband & I also enjoyed it....

Cute movie... 3 year old said it was boring

By cku1231
I liked Epic it was cute, but the 3 year old I was with told me it was boring and took a nap for the majority of the movie. So it may not capture and keep the attention of small kids....


By joette38
I just went to see Epic with my 13 year old and my 8 year old. We all loved it. The characters were vivid and quirky. Their gadgets, uniforms, and skills were like The Littles meets Rescue Heroes....

Great family film

By vstilt
My husband, three year old, seven year old and thirteen year old all enjoyed this movie. So it was great for a variety of ages and fun for a family movie. Loved the humor in it and kind of actually...

A little darker than I expected

By SandyKUtah
I took my 5 year old granddaughter and though I really liked it, I'm not so sure she did. When she told her parents what happened in the film, she didn't recap any of the "fun" stuff, only the "bad"...

Visual = good, Beyonce = meh

By Lynnea110
I ended up seeing the movie twice. The first time I took my 12 year old (girl) and 4 year old (boy). The second time I took my 6 year old (girl). My 12 year old enjoyed the movie, but thought...

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Rated PG | For for mild action, some scary images and brief rude language
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Common Sense Media says Animated adventure amuses but doesn't live up to its title.
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