Get Crafty with Movie-Themed Ornaments

Get Crafty with Movie-Themed Ornaments


With Christmas fast approaching, here are some supercute and easy movie-inspired ornaments to make. They're perfect for little fans of Princess Poppy from Trolls, Buster Moon from Sing, and Pua from Moana.


To make the ornaments, find wooden shapes from the craft store, along with paint, foam, googly eyes, felt -- and in the case of Princess Poppy -- craft fur! 


To make Buster Moon, start by painting an ornament base gray. Cut two round ears from white craft foam. (I used a jar lid as a template.) Paint gray around the outside of the ears and paint the bottom of the ornament shape white. Since Buster is covered in fur, it’s OK to let your brush strokes show!


Cut out an oval nose from black craft foam and a bow tie from red craft foam. Attach the ears, nose, bow tie and googly eyes with hot glue. Use a small brush or a paint pen to add Buster’s mouth and eyebrows.


Princess Poppy is all about the hair! Use hot-pink craft fur and attach it to the top of the ornament after it’s painted.

Use green and blue felt to create Poppy’s headband. Cut out a nose and ears from craft foam.

Attach everything with hot glue, including a pair of googly eyes. Paint on eyelashes and a mouth with a small brush or paint pen.


Pua is a very light-pink color. You can create the same color by adding a drop of pink paint to white paint and mixing the two colors together. You’ll also want to brush on some of the same pale pink to the outer edges of ears cut from pink craft foam.


Use gray paint to add a patch around Pua’s right eye, as well as small patches of gray between the ears and on each ear’s side. Use hot glue to attach googly eyes, the ears and a pink foam snout. Finish off Pua by painting on eyebrows and nostrils with a small paint brush and black paint.

That’s all it takes. Your movie-inspired ornaments are ready for their close-up on your Christmas tree.



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