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Get the Princess Leia Look in Under 30 Minutes

Get the Princess Leia Look in Under 30 Minutes

Princess Leia may be the most important member of the Rebel Alliance. She’s very busy to say the least, what with fighting off monsters and destroying the Death Star. But no matter what surprise comes her way, it’ not enough to move one hair of out place from her iconic cinnamon buns. She is smart, brave and in control. Bring it, Jabba!

Your little one may want to be Rey this Halloween. But if you’re old school, you just can’t forget the first female hero in the Star Wars universe. For true Star Wars fans, check out this homage to the Force, a super simple Princess Leia costume that you can create in less than 30 minutes. 


Start with a fresh, clean face and hair. Actually, hair that was washed the day before is preferable, as it will hold the ponytails better.

With a comb, part the hair in the middle and tie into two ponytails. Keep the ponytails right above the ear.

Don’t stress over creating the perfect buns. Use a doughnut! They sell them at almost any beauty store or you can order them in different sizes at Amazon. They’re super easy to use. Just pull the ponytail through the doughnut hole and cascade the hair around while tucking underneath. Here’s a great Youtube tutorial to help get you started.


Princess Leia’s makeup was pretty natural. Add a bit of brown eyeliner, mascara, pink blush and nude lip gloss.


Oh! And don’t forget a bit of brown shimmer to the eye lids. It’s not a costume without shimmer.


Voila! Hair and makeup is ready. Time to take on Jabba the Hut.


Instead of going to a costume store, I got this dress at Forever 21 (for $20). How perfect was this find? The platinum sash was a piece of fabric my friend had in her house just waiting to be upcycled. Little did it know it would be one of the important pieces of this outfit. The best costumes are the ones that just organically come together when you least expect it.



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