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DIY Death Star Ornament Brings 'Star Wars' Home

DIY Death Star Ornament Brings 'Star Wars' Home

This holiday season there’s a rebellion brewing with the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The movie revolves around stealing the plans to the Death Star, but why do that when you can make one for yourself?

This easy DIY uses glitter, paint and a little bit of that old rebel perseverance. In the end, you will only use these glittery space stations for good, to decorate your tree and bring happiness to all.


DIY Star Wars Death Star Ornaments

You’ll need:

Clear glass ornaments

Tacky glue

Foam paintbrush


Black craft paint

Fine-point black Sharpie pen



1. Using the foam brush, paint glue all over the exterior surface of the ornament, then cover in glitter, shaking off the excess. Let dry completely.

2. Using the black craft paint, create a line around the diameter of the ornament. Above that line add a circle with a center and lines reaching out to the edges of the circle. Let the paint dry completely.

3. Once the paint has dried go back with a Sharpie and add detailing above and below the center line.

4. Tie ribbon through the tops of the ornaments and hang on a tree to decorate.

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