Daily Recap: Ridley Scott Planning Moses Movie, 'Iron Man 3' First Pics, 'Grown Ups 2' Adds Cameos & More

Daily Recap: Ridley Scott Planning Moses Movie, 'Iron Man 3' First Pics, 'Grown Ups 2' Adds Cameos & More

Ridley Scott has revealed that he is working on a movie about the biblical tale of Moses. In an interview, Scott said, "What's interesting to me about Moses isn't the big stuff that everybody knows. It's things like his relationship with Ramses. I honestly wasn't paying attention in school when I was told the story of Moses. Some of the details of his life are extraordinary." Warner Bros. and Fox are also developing Moses related projects, with WB in talks with Steven Spielberg to direct their Gods and Kings. [Esquire]

Grown Ups 2 is currently filming and has added a few more people to their cast. Photos of the latest additions have surfaced on SlashFilm and include Shaquille O'Neal, Andy Samburg, Will Forte, Bobby Moynihan and Paul Brittain. The sequel has also added Alexander Ludwig (Cato from The Hunger Games) as David Spade's son. Grown Ups 2 will be unleashed upon us July 12, 2013. [Variety]

The book sequel to James Sallis' Drive is being developed into a movie. "They love the book. The novel is in the movie pipeline," Sallis said in an interview. Considering it took six years for Drive to get made, we'll have to wait and see how long before Driver is back behind the wheel in Driven. [The Independent]

Jack Black says The Big Year with Steve Martin and Owen Wilson was his career low point. In an interview, Black said, "What's the lowest of the low? I guess my career nadir was probably that bird watching movie (The Big Year) that came out a couple months ago. I know it was good, but career-wise, when no one goes to see a movie that you're in with Steve Martin and Owen Wilson, that's when you gotta feel pretty bad." Of course, Fox didn't necessarily go out of their way to promote the movie and a heap of negative reviews didn't help. [Exclaim]

How do you kill time before Prometheus hits theaters? How about reconstructing one of the trailers entirely from paper. Yes, paper.

Mads Mikkelsen has been tapped to play Hannibal Lecter on NBC's Hannibal. American audiences will know him best as the bad guy from Casino Royale and he was recently named to play a villain in Thor 2. [Deadline]

Paz Vega and Pedro Almodovar are reuniting for Standby Lovers. Despite roles in Spanglish and The Spirit, Hollywood never really seemed to find a niche for her (ahem, future Bond Girl?). Vega starred in Almodovar's Talk to Her and while details are being closely guarded, word is the film will return Almodovar to his comedic roots. [Variety]

While The Avengers is setting the world on fire and has comfortably nestled itself into the #3 spot for highest grossing movie of all-time, a few countries still haven't gotten to experience the Marvel awesomeness. One of those countries is Japan, who will finally get to see the movie on August 17. As a result, here are three new posters featuring Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye.

The cast for Woody Allen's new film continues to grow. The latest list of names takes an eclectic turn as comedians Louis C.K. and Andrew Dice Clay along with Peter Sarsgaard join a cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Bobby Cannavale, LOST's Michael Emerson and Sally Hawkins. [Deadline]

A couple of weeks ago, fans of the soft rock loving explosives expert MacGruber got some optimistic news in the form of a possible sequel. It appears now that MacGruber 2 is not happening. During a press conference for That's My Boy, Will Forte said, "[Director] Jorma mentioned it. He was really tired one morning giving an interview and he said something stupid about it. Believe me, we would love… we had so much fun doing that. We're proud of it and we jokingly talk about the sequel all the time. But I don't think anyone in their right mind would give us any money for it." [Ain'tItCoolNews]

Marvel released the first official set photo from Iron Man 3 this morning and it shows off a bunch of Iron Man suits, the back of Robert Downey Jr. and an assistant cameraman. Even more interesting though, The Superficial posted an image of James Badge Dale as Iron Patriot.

As if there wasn't plenty of Batman related news today, director Christopher Nolan says that his Howard Hughes biopic is dead, though he'd still like to do a James Bond film at some point. In his interview with Empire magazine, Nolan said, "It would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things." The latter part of his quote suggests that he probably wouldn't jump in until he got to cast a new Bond.

Brad Pitt is headed back to Budapest as World War Z enters seven weeks of re-shoots. That amount of re-shooting led Paramount to push the release date back from this December to June 21, 2013. 47 Ronin and G.I. Joe: Retaliation are another pair of blockbuster films that got pushed back due to re-shoots, though World War Z's re-shoot time is perhaps the longest of the bunch. [The Daily Mail]

Ashley Tisdale will play one of the leads in Scary Movie 5. The franchise was in the hunt for someone to replace Anna Faris, who had starred in the previous four films and settled with the Disney Channel star. [THR]

The first photo from Lifetime's Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz & Dick has been released and featured Lindsay Lohan as Taylor getting a neck kiss (or being turned into a vampire) from Grant Bowler's Richard Burton.

Good news for fans of reserved seating cinema. ArcLight Cinemas is set to open a new location in Bethesda, Maryland and is planning on expanding to other cities in the future. The Maryland grand opening is targeted for 2014. Caramel popcorn for all! [L.A.Times]

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson celebrated his win yesterday Madagascar 3 style.

The MTV Movie Awards went down yesterday and as a result, we have a bunch of new TV spots for upcoming blockbusters. Check out new commercials for The Bourne Legacy, Ted, Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The Bourne Legacy


Prometheus "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Finally, Donald Duck in China.

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