The Big Year Synopsis
Three men take part in a prestigious contest to see who can spot the most bird species in one year.
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This movie had heart!

By nrvana92
I liked that this movie taught 2 valuable lessons that are brought to all people at one time or another.The ability to see someone else that has the same desires and goals and to be non selfish...

The Big Year--Great fun!

By mozartmom
A delightful movie. Interesting characters and very engaging plot. It's nice to see Steve Martin and Jack Black play basically nice, down-to-earth characters in a low-key but still very compelling...

Tells the story of obsessed birders, but with a heart and comedy

By keithbrink
I confess that I love to bird, so I'm a little biased in my review. This is an honest and sometimes funny look at what anyone with a hobby goes through. People pursue their hobby with gusto and...

The Big Year

By raregoer0204
We really were expecting to see a funny Comedy....but it wasn't. The scenery was beautiful to view, but I would've liked to have seen the birds more clearly, instead of more like in a slide pace. ...

Some what funny.

By rnsmatthews
I wouldn't pay to see it in a theatre if I only knew. One would think with the 3 main actors they would be able to make it funny. I guess we should have ran when the movie attendant taking our...

The Big Year

By kitbunnell
This was an enjoyable movie about the weird competitive birder culture. Owen Wilson was sort of a bad guy in this one. He gave a good performance, as did Steve Martin and Jack Black. Supporting...

More like the big bore

There were parts of the movie that were remotely funny at best and a few parts that were romantic and cute but for the most part it was very slow moving and boring. I am not a bird watcher but that...

no violence, no zombies, no sex, no drugs, no exploding cars

By patinwy
If you're still reading ..... then you might just love this movie! It's an entertaining story, perfectly cast, has it's twists and turns. There actually are still people who are thrilled by...


By Spngebert
This movie has a great cast. Unfortunately, the vehicle in which they were placed does not wisely use the talent. The conflict in the movie is how many species of birds the characters see in a...

"The Big Year" Review

By seaicilin1963
I believe this was an excellent movie. The characters were believable. The story line also believable. As I sat and watched this movie I felt that this could really be happening to three people...

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Rated PG | For Language and some sensuality
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