Check Out New 'Incredibles 2' Activity Sheets

Check Out New 'Incredibles 2' Activity Sheets

Incredibles 2

Probably all of us have very fond memories of seeing The Incredibles on the big screen back in 2004. The fun! The humor! The action! The excitement! If you're a parent, you probably shared the animated adventure with your children. They, in turn, may have watched it over and over again, just to recapture the excitement of seeing superheroes Mr. Incredible and his wife Elastigirl come out of retirement and triumph against evil with the help of their children, Dashiell, Violet and baby Jack-Jack.

Now, though, with the approaching release of Incredibles 2, you may be wondering how to share your anticipation with your children. To meet that need, Disney has released a series of Incredibles 2 activity sheets for children. Your kids will love the chance to make these coloring sheets their own:

Helen Parr/Elastigirl
Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible
Violet Parr
Dash Parr
Jack-Jack Parr

And you will love the "Hero Coupons" you can use to get the little ones to take out the trash, clean the bathroom, play a board game... or just give you an hour of peace and quiet! 

Other activity sheets for your little superhero include:

Super Door Hangers to signal how you're feeling
Memory Card Game
Mission: Underminer puzzle game
Bob's Incredible Waffles recipe
Jack-Jacks Cookie Num Num recipe

Check out all the activity sheets. Incredibles 2 opens in theaters everywhere on June 15.

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