4 Cute Movie-Character Cards That Say I Love You

4 Cute Movie-Character Cards That Say I Love You

4 Cute Movie-Character Cards That Say I Love You

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I combined my love of movies for the family with my love of, well, love — to create these fun, crafty valentines. Each one portrays an iconic movie duo, coupled with quotes from their films. Feel free to share with family, friends, crushes or classmates – or get inspired to make your own! Supplies needed, printable templates and handy tips are included for each. 

Olaf & Elsa from Frozen

This pair has had their share of ups and downs (or should I say hots and colds?), but in the end the chilly princess and the silly snowman ended on a warm note and the best of friends. Elsa giving Olaf his own personal flurry didn’t hurt, either.   

And before anyone says anything, I know I used an Anna line on Olaf. But I thought it would be fun to do a “deconstructed” Olaf who is asking, in essence, to be built. And who else would he ask, but the one who brought him to life — Elsa!

Supplies: foam paper, construction paper, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, googly eyes, glitter, tissue paper, snowflake confetti, craft glue, hot glue.

Handy tip #1: If you don’t have silver tissue paper for Elsa’s train (I didn’t), layer two sheets of different colors. I used light blue and white to get a more “flowy” look.

Handy tip #2: Mix all your colors of glitter together in a small dish, spread a thin layer of craft glue (or spray adhesive) on your Elsa heart, and then slowly sprinkle the glitter mix over it. Lightly shake off the excess. If there’s not enough of a certain color, add on a small sprinkle of that color individually — but do it quick before the glue dries!

Download or print the heart card template and Frozen card template


Katniss & Peeta from The Hunger Games  films

Apologies to Team Gale, but the Girl on Fire and the Boy with the Bread were just meant to be.

Supplies used: foam paper, construction paper, felt, cellophane paper, pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, tissue paper, craft glue, hot glue, tape.

Handy tip #1: Cut a slit on each side of your Katniss heart and slide your pipe cleaner through. Use strong tape to keep the pipe cleaner flat on the back of the heart. For the arrowhead and feathers (called fletching), use the provided template to cut out 2 of each, using construction paper. Glue the edges together, leaving an opening where it will attach to the pipe cleaner. Wrap the arrowhead in foil, put a couple of drops of glue on the tips of the pipe cleaner, and slide into place.

Handy tip #2: Layer colored cellophane and/or tissue paper to get the flame effect on the Katniss heart. Spread a very light layer of craft glue, so that big globs don’t show through the layers. 

Download the heart card template and Hunger Games card template


Minions from the Despicable Me and Minions films

Whether being intentionally mischievous, accidentally heroic, or scarfing down bananas, the Minions are the best of pals. I guessed on the translation, so feel free to make up your own sentiment.

Supplies: foam paper, construction paper, googly eyes, aluminum foil, heavy twine (jewelry twine), craft glue, hot glue

Handy tip: When making the rim for the goggles, make a circle that’s about a ½ inch wider than your googly eyes (or eye). Cut it out of construction paper, then wrap in foil.

Download or print the heart card template and Minions card template


Princess Leia & Han Solo from the Star Wars films

These star-crossed lovers have a relationship built on sarcasm, mistrust and saving the world — a winning (and mostly relatable) combination. I can’t wait to see what they’re like after 30 years together in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, later this year!

Supplies: foam paper, construction paper, aluminum foil, felt, pom-poms, star-shaped hole punch, craft glue, hot glue

Handy tip: Creating Leia’s hair was definitely the biggest challenge for me. I ended up cutting large, brown pom-poms in half. Use caution, and have extras! If you cut them the wrong way, you end up with a bunch of fuzzy, brown, fluff that you can’t glue to anything. In lieu of pom-poms, you could also use brown felt or a coil of brown yarn to get a true bun effect.

One final note: I added the quotes on the computer after taking photos of the valentines, but feel free to write yours directly on the front or back, using a Sharpie or other permanent marker. 

Download or print the heart card template and Star Wars card template


Brent Almond is a writer, graphic designer, comic book geek and all-around pop-culture junkie. He lives in the burbs of Washington, D.C. with his husband, preschool-aged son and their fluffy, black-and-white dog. Brent chronicles his adventures and obsessions on his blog, Designer Daddy.

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