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Beauty In Trouble (Luxury Seating)

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What is Beauty In Trouble (Luxury Seating) about?
Engrossing tale of the unlikely romance shared between a desperate young mother and a kindly, but much older, Czech expatriate. Effectively rendered destitute by the floods that washed through Prague in 2002, struggling young father and husband Jarda (Roman Luknar) eventually resorts to stripping stolen cars as a means of supporting his impoverished family. Jarda's wife Marcela (Anna Geislerová) is having difficulty accepting her husband's new career and before long she is packing her bags and rounding up the kids to seek shelter with her mother. Meanwhile, aging Czech émigré Benes (Josef Abrhám) is traveling to Prague from his home in Tuscany to reclaim a house previously seized by the communists. When Benes and Marcela meet in a chance encounter and the benevolent older man takes a liking to Marcela, the prospect of securing a stable future for her young children prompts Marcela to consider leaving her husband in order to make a permanent home with the elegant but elderly foreigner.