Witless Protection Synopsis
A small-town lawman (Larry the Cable Guy) gets mixed up with a key witness in a big-time FBI case.
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The New York Times

The slapstick and action set pieces are lame, and its performances range from competent to annoying.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
At least a fright-wigged Joe Mantegna, delivering an execrable cameo as a whacked-out doctor, has a good excuse for his presence; the...
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L.A. Weekly

Still, it’s hard to despise the movie, especially when Peter Stormare shows up over-enunciating the most brilliantly awful English accent...
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If you need a GPS unit to find your own backside, you'll be laughing uproariously at Witless Protection, a movie that's far more...
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
It's mostly harmless dum-dum stuff, though.
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The A.V. Club

Larry The Cable Guy is a cancerous boil on the ass of comedy, but it's still sort of shocking how little effort he puts into his movies.
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By Eliud

For a good laugh see this

By Diamondgirlmovies
This movie wan't meant to make the viewer think or even to inspre. This movie is to make ou laiugh and it does it in a big way. Larry the Cable Guy is truely himself personified. IF you want a good...

witless protection

By seastar
This is the funniest movie I've seen in 10 years! There are so many funny one liners and hysterical comedic sequences packed into this film - you'll have to see it twice! There's a great story to...

A few good laughs

By usagrl
This movie was all in all good, it was entertaining for those folks that are fans of Larry the Cable Guy and won't be a offended by his humor and actions. Jenny McCarthy was good and different then...

Cute and predictable

By ptaz
It was typical Larry the Cable Guy as a movie. We enjoy him but it was predictable and low-key humor. I wasn't that impressed....

So So Movie

By jjurgy
This was a movie that you have to love fart jokes to go and see. Witless explains the movie pretty much in a whole....

Witless Protection

By moviegal232
ha ha ha NOOOOOOOOOo I HATE THIS<<<< I dislike Larry the cable guy so much what is his moral? idk but he has a problem there is so much immaturiy in it that its stupid Larry is sooo immature .. I mena what kind of message are we giving our youth?...


By Apottzy
Had me laughing from start to finish! Go see this movie!...

Witnessed Witless

By brendan62
Loved it from start to finish. Great slapstick, mindless humor. Walked out with a smile on my face. Larry the Cable Guy is brilliant. Wil definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD. Love Larry...

Better than I expected

By Spaztic7
Opening night, while it was freezing cold outside (PA) I ended up in this movie. I went in expecting nothing but the classic Larry the Cable Guy Redneck humor but was left pleasantly surprised with...

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sex-related humor
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Common Sense Media says Iffy for 14+ Lowbrow comedy is crude -- and not very funny.
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