White on Rice Synopsis
A 40 year old moocher falls for his brother in laws niece making a bad situation worse.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Walter Addiego
Will wring some laughs out of anyone but the most humor-impaired.
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Boxoffice Magazine

By Sara Schieron
Its tone is pleasant and its humor, charming.
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L.A. Weekly

By Chuck Wilson
At its best, this uneven film by writer-director Dave Boyle suggests that going a bit nuts is a good thing for the rigid paterfamilias.
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By Dennis Harvey
Its amusingly off-kilter humor underserved by pedestrian packaging, Dave Boyle's sophomore feature, White on Rice, is the kind of comedy...
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Time Out New York

Granted, Boyle may be a competent director, but he’s missed the mark by not focusing on anybody with real heart: the father and his son,...
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Los Angeles Times

By Kevin Thomas
It's revealing that writer-director Dave Boyle has said that in a way he fulfilled his lifelong ambition to be a cartoonist with the...
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The New York Times

Bland and only occasionally funny.
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Five Word Review

By vivalavegas
funny original unique charming strange...

Five Word Review

By pullingrye
Every family has its Jimmy...

So much better than all the other crap at the theatres

By nycalicat125
This film is not to be missed. I was trying to decide which movie to see this weekend and saw this option. There is a reason the reviews all say MUST GO. It is intelligent, funny, and holds your...

Five Word Review

By nagem1017
cute funny charming romantic comedy...

Five Word Review

By martinmcintosh
Jimmy is as Jimmy does...

Fresh & Funny

By pamelita_anita
Quirky and well developed characters take you on an amusing ride that will fill you with sincere laughter and delight....

Five Word Review

By deannabanana_77
Jimmy makes you laugh constantly...

Main character very annoying

By herbstaedt
Its an OK movie, the biggest problem is that the main character is not likable at all. He is gets in a lot of trouble for being naive and not very smart, but instead of being funny, he is really...

Delightful !

By perezsusanne
a very original 'geeky fish out of water' comedy that everyone can relate to...


By PinkUnique88
This movie was fun, loving, fresh, and overall fabulous! I hope it comes out on dvd!! Don't miss out!!...

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Rated PG-13 | For some violent images and sex-related humor