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An unknown assailant threatens a young man with death unless he confesses a past sin.
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They did it!!

By carlyruth
This book rocked, and I was really impressed with how well they did the movie! Even if you haven't read the book, you'll enjoy the intensity and suprisingly good acting. :-)...

do not see this movie - how did it get a "GO"!?

By chicadee92
THIS MOVIE WAS HORRIBLE. Like everyone else has said the acting was bad, the movie cinematography was fake, and the theme was like saw I,II, and III. I actually thought it was a Saw movie. It was a...

very good adaptation

By dallas_movies
I loved the book...and liked the movie. Get out and see it on the big screen before it's too late!...


By c6m0928
It didn't come together for me. Some of the acting was bad and it was a bit choppy. It was not however boring....

Dekker's writing saves the day

By fanny-danny
My husband, being a Ted Dekker fan, had already read the novel Thr3e, and as we all know ... the book is ALWAYS better. For myself, having not read the novel yet, I would still agree the movie was...

Thriller without blood and guts, I loved it.

By LJW66
Marc Blucas and the rest of the cast did a wonderful job of actually keeping me on the edge of my seat without profanity, blood and guts, or intimate sexual scenes which usually do nothing to add to...

Thr3E - Must See Now

By lazarus316
I loved the movie, just like I loved the book. Go see it while it is still in the theaters, you are sure to enjoy....

Um, Yes

By lindziemator
Thr3e was amazing. I say it's pretty much like the book with some random stuff in there. I was very excited when I saw this movie had finally come out. I thought it was just going to go to DVD. Yes,...

what i think of the movie

By jackie
in my opinion it looks like an intriesting movie but i have to actually see it to give what i think of it my true opinion on this movie. So for now it sounds pretty good to actually see it but then...

i would rather have been haing my taxes audited!!!!

By sammojammo
this movie is pathetic. how much did it cost to produce? the positive reviews can only have been written by the author, producers, or someone intimately involved with the film. my first clue to be...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence, disturbing images and terror