The Twilight Saga Double Feature Synopsis
For one day only, on Thursday, November 15th, watch both parts of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Movie Reviews

A crowd pleaser with a twist!

By goestogym
Not what I was expecting but all in all a beautiful film---A good time was had by all. On opening night the crowd oowed and ahhed -- It was fun...

Satisfying Conclusion (But No Spoilers)

By tae-j
If you're like me, and thought the books' conclusion fell a little flat, you'll love the end of the Saga on film! It's widely publicized that there is a twist at the end, and let me say, it is...

Loved It! Forget the's just fun and entertaining!!!

By gracex32000
I saw all of the movies with my daughter and I thought they just kept getting better! I won"t give any spoilers; however, I was so glad I hadn't read the book because the last movie was awesome! I...

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn pt 2

By Samantha61310
It was sooo much better than all the others. I was very optimistic that it would be good seeing as how I didn't really like part 1 too much but part 2 was....AWESOME!!!! Definitely a MUST SEE!!!!...

Breakng Dawn 2

By nicole_fimbres
This movie is the absolute best! For the past five years I have always been wanting to get wowed by these movies and I haven't. Don't get me wrong the other movies are okay, but there was nothing...


By montygrl
I loved the movie. And the twist at the end was great. I was upset at first, but, when it was revealed it was not real, I was ok. I love the whole eries. Will prob go see it again and will def get the...

A great way to end the series

By Caitlinhae
Who knows if Stephine is going to write more books in the Twilight series either from Edwards point of view of just fresh stories. I am so happy with how this ended. time and time again Hollywood...

Brilliant End to an Amazing Saga!

By iLiveTooTravel
I'm personally a huge Twilight fan and this Book was my favorite of the saga. I feel that the movie was done with justice. Even the added surprises. The actors were great, the story was amazing and...

Breaking Dawn 2

By LvTwilight16
Loved watching both movies in the same night. It was great that there was only an hour inbetween also. Just enough time before the second movie. Would do it again for a sequel....

Breaking dawn 2.

By Shakira32
so as to not spoil the movie , ill just say i really want to go see it again. ! it was wonderful so much more than i was expecting..kind of sad that it is over but its not over .. going to the...

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