The Queen Synopsis
Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair try to reach a compromise in the wake of a tragedy.
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By jwelch5742
It was excellent film. It had wonderful performance for Helen Mirren....

Thought it was ok

By lyssiw
I know everyone has been raving about this movie but I think you can defiantly wait to see it on video....

Helen Mirren Nails "The Queen"

By Movies by Wonder
Helen Mirren is stellar! My wife and I were riveted by her portrayal of Elizabeth II. And the 93 minutes or so flew by - a good mark of how engaged I was in the story, the acting, the editing -...

The Queen

By movie_guru25
This was a great film! This movie is not a movie that you would want to bring your kids to because it may not keep their intrest! But overall, it was very good....

Helen, YES! Movie, so so

By littlechairs
Helen Mirren richly deserved her Oscar. The movie, while well-crafted, was rather ho-hum, but I wouldn't have missed her performance....

The Queen

By snahas
Great - Helen Mirren WAS the Queen!...

The Queen is desperately seeking an audience

By Wraith
Although it is clear to see why Helen Mirren wins an oscar for her portrayal of the part, it is difficult to see why this ever met with a theater. It is a wild tale based on some loosely taken true...

If you love the royal family you will love this

By goobie1968
I am a royal junky have been since I was a kid. I missed the beginning and I will go again to see it. A definite purchase for me....

great story: i would recommend it

By taichiz
I've always been a huge Helen Mirren fan, from her previous film work and her "Prime Suspect" TV work for the BBC. Since this performance won her the Oscar, this role could be seen as a benchmark...

Mirren Captivating / Plotline & Pacing....Not So Strong

By bhearnow
Helen Mirren and her attention to the most minute of details is such a treat and acting lesson to watch. Her embodiment of the role is remarkable. I found the plotline and pacing less then riveting...

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Rated PG-13 | For brief strong language