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good cast bad script

By indewrtr88
Although this movie has great household names like Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger it is one you could afford to miss. We have seen this same plot many times in countless war movies about every country...


By Dylano
One i want to let everyone know is to watch the whole thing cause the begining starts off very slow and then all HELL breaks lose and there is old fashon gun shooting the main charcter running around...

Five Word Review

Great American story !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

The Patriot

By looney_ tunes
This was a moving experience to watch the story unfold. I love the sets and time period and all the actors/actresses magnificently executed their parts right down to the adorable little girl. Mel...

History Buff

By BloodyKnight23
Im a history buff so of course I loved the movie. Other than Signs and the classic Lethal Weapon series, Mel Gibson's best....

must go

By jeandioavenido


By Ghostmarine216
Great movie, but a little bit to gory for me....

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Rated R | For violence