The Nanny Diaries Synopsis
A college student (Scarlett Johansson) goes to work for an affluent but dysfunctional family.
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Horrible... Not worth Wasting you time....

By acs412
this movie is horrible with cheesy jokes and a ridiculous story line! MUST NOT GO!!!...


By sara-courtney
i hope you have fun seeing this movie like i did it is so funny!!!...

Cant wait

By movielova_gal0404
This movie looks so funny!!! i cant wait to see it!!!! i love the actors in this movie! Scarlett Johansson is a GREAT actress!!!!!!!!!! Chris Evans is the best actor in my opinion!!!!! Hes...


By Summerrrr
This movie takes you not only into the occupation of a nanny, but the very sad, lonely, neglectful life of a rich child in Manhattan. There are blissful moments between the nanny and the child, but...

Upper Eastside Manhattan is like another planet!

My wife and I were a little so-so about the movie going into it. I didn't have high expectations, and that is probably why I liked it so much. It is not the best movie of the summer by a long shot,...

Very cute and intelligent

By pytljc
funny and smart. .. I love that kind of movie!!...

Stick with the book

By kringle1035
For those who read the book and want to see this movie, don't. The movie cannot come close to the humor and cleverness that the book portrays. It is a sorry excuse for an adaptation and rushes...


By VegasPrincess
This is a great movie and full of laughter. If you are a nanny, like I am, this is a must see....

definitely a "girls" movie

By brendep
My husband and I planned to attend for a "date". We like romantic comedies. And, just plain comedies also. We decided to ask the kids. Our daughter wanted to come ( 6th grader) and our son (10th...

Light fun chick flick

By breezybrenda
Not as good as I'd hoped but it was entertaining enough to be worth the money. Laura Linney was great as the uptight socialite, and her slightly exaggerated portrayal as such provides the most...

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