The Messengers Synopsis
Darkness descends on a rundown sunflower farm and its new tenants.
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By ginaroxursoxdammit!
when i watched the previews i was dying to see this movie because it looked really good but when i saw it i left disappointed. this movie really sucked it wasnt scary at all and it wasnt even a bit...


By charminghearts
Not as good as it looked from the previews, but not completely terrible either....

The usual

My thoughts on this one were what was expected. Its the usual scare flick but focused on the thrill factor rather than the gore.The messengers is a rental not a theatre go at all.So save your money...


By charlie22
Thought the movie was going to be a little scary, at least to make you jump. They try with the music but that's just not enough. Never really got into the movie, and figured out what was going to...

The Messengers

By miraballer25
Pretty scary but the plot was predictible half-way through the movie. The plot was very under-developed and the title is kind of misleading. But it was a little scary....

i love the messengers!!

By karla_gal
this movie is so tight...


By hplovex3
OMG why are people saying this movie was bad. I thought it was awesome!!! It was sooo scaryy. Whenever something would pop up the whole audience screameddd. this movie took a really unexpected...


By jessmoviewatcher
This movie was very creepy! It doesn't have blood, guts and gore to gross you out. It's more of a thriller with lots of loud noise. Very scary!...

Save your money

By HenryS70
OK to sneak into, but not to pay for....


By eevans
This was a pretty good horror flick.... cool twist ending...... kinda scary for little ones, my 9 year old usually likes movies like Skeleton Key, War of the Worlds...... this was too scary for him....

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Rated PG-13 | For mature thematic material, disturbing violence and terror
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