The Man From Nowhere Synopsis
An ex-con is lured back into the drug trade.
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Won Bin gives a haunting performance

By DuramaQueen
The sad and weary eyes of "ahjusshi," the mysterious pawnbroker who maintains the the lowest of profiles and tries to stay out of the troubles of others have a story to tell but the only one who...


By 99seine
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. One of the best movies I"ve ever seen. Korean movies never fail to amaze me...


By MajesticJac
This moving was breathtaking! I saw it with my mother. We are 21 & 51, and we both found the movie really great. This movie was very emotionally involving (it was very powerfully done, we both cried),...

touch of Old Boy and the Professional

By yiman
this is a must see movie if your a suspense/action fan. The fight scenes were fantastic and the action was really good for this type of film. The Story is pretty much Old Boy and The Professional...


By tdhelgeson
This is one of my favorite movies! It's like a darker, grittier version of Taken! Best Korean movie and that includes Oldboy!...

Great Movie

By sam77ko
I didn't expect too much going into seeing the movie, but it turned out much better than expected. The action scens were very realistic!!! Great movie, Two Thumbs UP!...

More than I expected.

By binycui
I never wrote a review before, but I couldn't help it after watching this movie. It is a well written piece. It's funny, charming, heart-touching, and fast paste movie with some really skilled actors....

Five Word Review

By slimt
best action for this year...

Definite see!

By kent0
I had my first opportunity to see thie movie at the Hawaii International Film Festival, but missed it since it sold out quickly. After seeing it, I understand why. The movie's hero starts off as the...

There's reason to watch this movie.

By deathluv
Unexpectible story and action process. MUST C!!...

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Rated R | For Strong bloody violence, pervasive language, drug content and brief nudity