The Maid Synopsis
A drama centered on a maid trying to hold on to her position after having served a family for 23 years.

Movie Reviews

The Maid

By wgoldman
The simplicity of storyline and theme in foreign films often repeated... such is the case for The Maid. Something is said (or in this case little is said by the maid), yet her acting and film...

The Maid

By aubsdes
Human relationships can trump stereotyping, racism and classism. Not an easy road. The Maid makes you think and makes you ache and finally makes you hope. The way we view each other is informed by...

A Film With True Meaning.

By Vidal_Benbasat
I highly recommend this film. It really was effective and the portrayal of life as a maid can not be any better. Not only that. The film strongly and accurately conveys the struggles of people at the...

Very Good

By lukalolita
The acting in the film was excellent and the story very though provoking. Definitely worth watching....

The Maid

By ktrappe
Engaging story - where the dis-likeable main character is pulled into a "new" version of herself by a series of unforseen events and other women. Slow pace of the movie requires patience by the...

Five Word Review

By lindaz123
what's all the fuss ?...

The Maid

By gogazorg
Painful and funny at the same time....

The Maid

By ahliska1
Nuanced performance by Catalina Saavedra elevates slight story....

The Maid

By dnamdar49
Liked it 7 out of 10...