The Invasion Synopsis
An epidemic of extraterrestrial origin alters the behavior of human beings.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Connects on a gut level in two ways, political and existential.
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Miami Herald

By Rene Rodriguez
There's no question The Invasion works in a mechanical, by-the-numbers manner. But it's what the movie leaves you with -- absolutely...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
An involving sci-fi action-thriller, probably longer on chase sequences than the original director wanted and shorter on the "ick" factor...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
The movie isn't terrible; it's just low-rent and reductive.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
Mostly about delivering thrills, and chills, and this it does with moderate success and a bunch of fast, no-nonsense edits.
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Wall Street Journal

Except for one terrifically adroit sequence in a subway, there is nothing understated about The Invasion. With all the shoot-outs, the...
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
Buried somewhere within the bipolar extravaganza that is The Invasion is an awfully good movie that got away.
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USA Today

It's a shame the aliens are so preachy, because this remake of the 1956 and 1978 versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers features a...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
Here is a great story born to be creepy, and the movie churns through it like a road company production. If the first three movies served...
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New York Daily News

By Jack Mathews
Obliterating the original structure and intent of "Body Snatchers" is cinema-lit blasphemy.
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A remake classic *One Spoiler Below

By Donnie Darko is Dead
I grew up with the (1978) Sutherland version, which was a nice remake itself to the 1956 original. This new remake is great. It has a perfect mixture of suspence, humor, action and drama to keep you...

Third time is Almost a Charm ...

By raceinsider
You know, I've read every one of the reviews and inspite of the obvous negative reviews becase the reviewer liked the original 1956 with Kevin Mcarthy or the 78 version with Sutherland and...


Loved this Show! It was a great RE-MAKE. I say a must see if you love the suspensful keep you watching but wrenching your hand Suspense. Nicole Kidman did a GREAT JOB! A MUST SEE. Note: Not for kids...

The Invasion

By silentstills
Primarily wanted to see this because I am a fan of Daniel Craig. Was not aware that Jeffery Wright was also part of the cast-another of my favorite actors. Interesting to see how the old movie had...


By ScixFi_chick
I seriuosly thought that, that was one of the best movies ive ever been too and i know im going to be the first one to buy it when it comes out on DVD I loved it ...But it's definately a movie to go...

best movie ever

By movie_addict77
This movie is extremely good. If you are looking for a scary movie, this is an OK movie but if you are looking for a thriller movie that kids and around the age of 9+ can watch, this is a perfect...

Wait for the DVD, not a very good movie....

By wilsonbh
If not for the beautiful Nicole Kidman, this one would be a total waste of time. Poor story and even poorer special effects, this version of the "Body Snatchers" can't hold a candle to the Sutherland...

Wake Up Humanity

By Roswell_Visitor
We liked the realistic portrayal of your failed human civilization crumbling to pieces. You people claim to want peace, love, and happiness but, when an advanced culture offers you that dream,...

I'd Rather Be Invaded, Than Sit Thru This Movie Again

By gasparm
This is by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen...entirely incoherent from beginning to end. I felt sorry for Daniel Craig. As for Nicole Kidman, this is the only film I have seen her in...

Nothing new, but well done...

By cornandcaramel_athemovies
The Invasion used fragments and thematic elements of several other alien invasion films, so it felt a little too familiar to me. However, even with phrase "This has been done before"...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence, disturbing images and terror
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Common Sense Media says Iffy for 13+ Smart thriller devolves into standard action fare.
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