The Host (2007) Synopsis
South Koreans fall prey to a ravenous monster that crawled out of the Han River.
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Caught off guard by the Host.

By Picholas D
I saw this film in a small room size theater in Virginia with my family. We went into this film blind with no idea of the plot or genre. I myself, based off the title, thought it was going to be a...


By lugubriousthespian
Forget about CLOVERLEAF or any of the regurgitated zombie flick of late - this Korean-born gem is nothing short of miraculous in the way it blends horror, comedy, drama, even touch of social satire!...

The Host Review

By rocketjsl357
this is one movie you really need to watch with subtitles ... the dubbed version of the movie is truly awful. One of the better great creature features today ... a few scary sequences, but the good...

Must See

By Sezwee
The CGI or whatever creature effects they used for this film were perfect! I also really loved the comedic elements. I still find myself peering up at the undersides of bridges when I drive...

my the host review

By lord-o-movies
good movie the special effects sucked but it was a great monster movie...

Oh heck to the NO

By maureen18450

the host

By trueromance7771
this film breathes new life in the horror / comedy genre .. it's original ! exciting ! funny ! korea is a new voice in film. fresh ideas , with new takes on old ideas . this particular director has...

Take it with a grain of salt

By GeoffPDX
We Americans have a tendency to not give films from other countries credit for being ironic. So when The Host opens with a very stilted scene in which an American officer orders a Korean underling to...

The Host!?!??!?!

By aceofspadt
While I will say that the creature in the host was one of the most realistic monsters I have seen, the movie itself lacked in actual volume of seeing said monster. I think the movie tried to...

Scary and intense

By Vrresto
I have been anxiously awaiting the American release of this film after reading many reviews of it over the past year. While the film is not perfect, and perhaps a touch heavy-handed with its...

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Rated R | For creature violence and language
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Common Sense Media says South Korean creature feature is wild and witty.
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