The Devils Synopsis
Priest (Oliver Reed), nun (Vanessa Redgrave) and exorcist mix politics and sex in 1600s France.
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Incredible screening!

By atreyudaze
I had never seen this film until this screening. It was a staggering revelation on every level. Shame on Warner Brothers for repressing its release and restoration to this day....

WOW! My head is spinning.

By undersaw
"The Devils" is outrageous, blasphemous and fascinating! Big thumbs up! The moderator at the screening I attended (a rare showing of a 35 print) asked the sold-out crowd, "How many people are seeing...

The DEVILS, again!

By elcastor
Close to the dozenth time I've seen this masterpiece in theaters, and it still impresses! Incredible performances from Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave and still one of the greatest commentaries on...

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Rated R