The Band's Visit Synopsis
A small Egyptian Police band arrives in Israel. They find themselves lost in a small Israeli town.
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Beautifully Understated.

By josephshipp
This movie will not appeal to the typical Fandango user. It's a foreign film, so keep that in mind. However, if foreign films are your forte this is one you should not miss. "The Band's Visit"...

The Band's Visit

By ArtieB
I expected a simple comedy. Instead, it was a beautiful portrayal of hospitality and empathy in potentially difficult cir***stances....

i liked it

By glxy2
i loved it a tad slow...

Very good comedy

By crgv
This movie is about a band from Egypt, the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra that visits Israel. The band ends up in the middle of the Israeli desert, after taking a bus to the wrong...

The Band's Visit

By stan4dprincess
This was a very sweet film about two very different cultures and individuals stuck in teh middle of nowhere and therfore forced to find some commonality. The humor is very subtle but the acting is...

Powerfully quiet

By jagjaxon
This is a great movie to experience. Not having seen any of the characters on the screen before, it was very refreshing and seemed to make the story very real - as if you were actually watching an...

Short and sweet

By annastar11
The characters were quite colorful, the theme was simple and beautiful. A good movie to cry a little, enjoy a lot, and think poignantly about at later times in life....

The Bands visit

By abadir
very good movie...

The Band's Visit

By Arthurdog
The general idea of the theme for a movie is good and the 2 main characters are believable and likeable; yet the movie is way too long; I slept through some of it . Too little plot to keep the...

The Band's Visit

By Katie Ann
What at first seemed artsy became downright boring -- too slow moving. On the plus side, there were some memorable scenes & images....

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Rated PG-13 | For brief strong language