Tees Maar Khan Synopsis
A gang of thieves plots to steal a collection of priceless antiques from a heavily guarded train.
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Boring Movie

By sharath01
Film does not live up to the expectations of Farah Khan's previous movies...

Don't waste ur time and money!

By slmanu
senseless movie! No story line, worst comedy I have ever seen...

tees maar khan

By varghese3
very good...

Okies time pass

By jaineva
overall a gud one..... can watch it once but not at all boring........

'Tees Maar Khan' has puerile humour

By mathur_ashu
Director Farah Khan will stop at nothing to get a laugh out of you. No disability is too sensitive to make a joke of, and no stereotype too overused to flog one last time. In a scene from her new...

Keep your brains in the popcorn bucket

By mukesh_tejwani
Watch it, If you like : Munching Theater Popcorn in the bucket (with refill) with a large soda (with a refill) and when the popcorn is finished, keep you brain in the popcorn bucket, do not want to...


By mahendraghedia
Its totally boring movie... not at all comedy... not worth for money...

Not too bad!!

By eternity29
I liked the movie for its comedy and songs...the story was pointless but still its fun to watch the movie!...

junk junk junk

By nanajappa
Not sure why Farah khan directs movie , its just better for her to choreograph . the movie does not have a scripts and story is baseless. you just cant sit for the second half and jokes are pretty...


By chery bery
It is sad that just because some bollywood people have money they can make a movie that is a joke in itself.This movie lacks a story and is a complete waste of time. It is a joke, perhaps a story...

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