Star Trek: The Motion Picture Synopsis
Adm. Kirk (William Shatner) and the crew seek an intelligent alien entity.
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By tlovering

Star Trek: The Motion Picture and why we should all strive to see it on the big screen.

By PaulTomorrow
I was lucky enough to be walking by the Egyptian Theater one day and happened to notice a poster advertising the Original Star Trek. Not only did I buy myself a ticket, I bought one for my roommate...

Motion Picture

By thomsonlogan
Worst than Final Fronteir. 1/10...

great movie

By oliver99701
The special effects were a little lacking but the idea of V'ger (voyager) being discovered by an alien race is cool....

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Director's Cut)

By jhend
Think the original series had a lot going for it: - Great casting - GREAT writing / storylines - Great characters This production: if it were any slower, would be a still frame. Some of the...

Nice in a big theatre

By t'marii
I attended a very nice presentation of this movie at the Egyptian Theatre Sunday night and it was a lot of fun to see the director's cut of this movie in a big theatre. I remember the first time I...

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Rated G
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Common Sense Media says The Enterprise's first feature, with smarts outdoing guns.
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