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Spirit of the Marathon

By heller_kate
It wasn't bad but it wasn't too riveting. Anyone who has done a marathon or two might get bored with the content....

Inspiration on Film

By kittylbecks
This movies was one of the most inspirational and well done films I have ever seen. The personal stories of struggle and triumph were amazingly well put together and I have never been more excited...

Spirit of the Marathon

By brinkeal
I thought this movie was very well put together. I enjoyed the fact that both elite and novice runners were interviewed. The movie blended personal reflections on the significance of running a...

Spirit of the marathon

By Chooch262
I thought it was great. The extra features and poster signings by some of the people featured in the movie was a bonus....

spirit of the marathon-boston

By ila32vs
Very good camera work. Movie was well worth seeing. There were only 10 people in the theatre. It's too bad it wasn't advertized to some running clubs at a discount to draw more runners...

spirit of the marathon

By boston_girl
this movie was very inspiring and motivational... it was also very funny & got the crowd laughing a lot. lots of runners humor that we all can relate to....

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