Some Like It Hot Synopsis
Musicians Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon go on the lam from the Chicago mob, cross-dressing to escape with an all-girl band and creating a situation where luscious Marilyn Monroe doesn’t know if she’s falling for a playboy (Curtis) or a playgirl....
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SOME LIKE IT HOT ~ The Greatest American Screen Comedy of ALL TIME!!

By lugubriousthespian
You really do not need AFI to list it as #1. All you have to do is watch it for yourself - whether it be the first time or - as in my case - more like the 50th! Those naughty boys Billy Wilder and...

[Almost] Ahead of its time

By ursalicious
Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon play two best friends who play sax and bull fiddle for small gigs in 1920's Chicago. After accidentally witnessing the Valentine's Day Massacre in a parking garage, they...

A classic

By dblazquez
One of the best comedies of all times. Marilyn is sexier than ever!...

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By wilsonsarahf
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A top comedy of all time!

By megemcd
Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in drag! A classic everyone should see at least once....


By Treble99
Jack Lemmon is awesome in this movie! My 12 year olds first Monroe movie and she giggled all the way through....

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What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says One of the wildest romantic farces ever.
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