Shoot Down Synopsis
Cuban missiles destroy two aircraft carrying members of a civilian activist organization.
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Shoot Down

By ac1sner0s
Excellent documentary for the people who did not know the history of the people of Cuba who nehelp in escaping the comunist regim....

Shoot Down is a must see documentary regardless if you're Cuban or not

By itoalvarez
There's always two sides to a story and then there's the facts. This documentary is one of the most objective documentaries I've seen, and provides an authenticate account of what really happened to...

Well documented piece of history

By jgaldo
Deeply moving, researched and even handed documentary. Describing the original humanitarian agenda of BTTR to aide desperate and endangered rafters in the Florida straights escaping the totalitarian,...

excellent documentary

By acinternational
Excellent, realistic, impartial....a shame the world is still blind...

Shoot Down

By hommart
Very Factual, All sides expressed exposing the reality of what happened behind doors, from complicity by an unsimpatetic goverment trying to appeased a totalitarian regime to the cowardice of those...

alpulido's review

By alpulido
This film shows to the american people and the rest of the world the real class of the cuban government and their point of wiew about the human life...

eye opener

By lovnlex
Excellent and well put-together documentary. I highly recommend it....

Shoot Down

By smayoliz
A Great movie. As i am married to a Cuban male who has been through a vast amount of persecution and jailed for voicing his opinions and trying to make a better life for his family i thought this...

Sad Story but movie is not up to par

By garcia0019
Had the potential of a hit, low budget did not help. Nice to see the story being told though....

What a Movie ?

By Naga satya 777
The cinematography is high quality and the compelling story is brought to life through the actual words of those who lived through and were actively involved in the ordeal....

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Rated PG-13 | For brief strong language