Saw Marathon (2008) Synopsis
Saw movie marathon.

Movie Reviews

i forgot how much i liked Saw

By belizesinger
The fifth ....and not was pretty good. slow in some parts. the first game is pretty intense. i've been waiting for a pendelum!!! makes you root for the good guy....just go see it. it's...

A Night not to forget!!!

By peaceluvharmoni
I saw all the SAW movies back to back and it was AWESOME to see the story progress. the 5th saw was on a different level. it was more of a thriller than a horror flick, and didnt have me on the edge...

Saw MArathon Was...

By Stephenford527
I thought the idea of seeing all the movies in a row would be AWESOME!! I was right, it pieced everything together without having to think about what happened in the last movies from 2 years ago. The...

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