Saw III Synopsis
A captive doctor (Bahar Soomekh) becomes a pawn in the Jigsaw Killer's latest gory game.
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By halloweenman1234
This one was good, but it was pretty bloody, and the story line has kind of fallen since the first film....

what the rating is

By glxy2
this movie is okay. the gore is a little lets see< too gory but great twist and plot...


By Dragon_Girl
I just have to see all the Saw movies since i like the last 2....


By misscb
Not as good as the 1st and 2nd....

Most SAW-enthusiasts will enjoy!

By Reyna
Having seen the first two SAW movies, I was excited about the third! And unlike most continuing sequels, this one did not leave me disappointed. I enjoyed how the writers tied up some of the "loose...

really crappy movie

By sugarbeans
This is a gross one. Dumb storyline too. I couldn't wait for this boring movie to end....

this is was great

By xxkarmaxx
good mvoie and didnt epect donnie to be at the begining cutting off his leg. this is a great mvoie must go....


By mmapes32765
Excellent twists and turns. Kept me watching and wanting to know and see more. Top notch on the blood and Gore! Not for the faint of heart!...

i loved it

By saw3lover
ok i know its late but i saw this movie when it came out. so here it is this is one of the gorest movies of the year and eric matthews is back in there and this one sums everything up and i would buy...

Not As Good but Go

By opinionated_moviegoer
This saw was good but not as good as the previous two. The storyline seemed to be a little weaker than before but they seemed to make up for it gore. This film seemed to be the most warped in...

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Rated R | For strong grisly violence and gore, sequences of terror and torture, nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says More bloody mayhem from Jigsaw; not for kids.
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