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An ex-con (Jason Statham) incurs the wrath of a casino owner (Ray Liotta) he humiliated.
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The worse I have ever seen

By bahador95
I like Jason Statham and Ray Liotta and I should admit that I watch almost any thing but thsi was the biggest disappointment that I have ever had. Some times you have invested in a movie and don't...

Revolver Ruins

By Annette Wagner
What a cruel way to be paid back for taking the day off work. If it weren't for the meal that followed, Revolver would have done a very fine job of ruining my day. A very fine job indeed. What a...


By nnnone
This movie was ok, However, Ray Liotta basically ruined it with one of the worst performances Ive ever seen. Totally unconvincing bad-guy, way over-acted, at times I couldnt believe this movie was...

A Trip into Yourself

By kevwells
Interesting effort from the director of Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. However, the film is an enormous departure for Guy Ritchie and an ambitious one at that. Don't go expecting to...

Enjoyed the beginning and the end

By adrianbrown
the middle was a litte much for me. Andre Benjamin is coming along as an actor....

What were they thinking?

By lloeffle
Went to see this movie, was real excited over the cast and the prospect of seeing a great movie. The movie starts out and unfolds very fast, I walked out of there and am still perplexed on what the...

Revolver - worth seeing but...

By elvip
It's got the good ole Ritchie style & it is deep & witty with word... excellent seen by Statham in elevator... funny & chill... still it aint as good as his prior 2... I'd still check it...

Not for the faint of heart

By Captain
Okay, so you thought you'd see a gritty crime piece, and this wasn't it. That doesn't make it a bad movie. In fact, if a little thought is applied (a stretch for today's common movie goer), you'll...

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Rated R | For violence, language and some nudity