Resident Evil: Extinction Synopsis
Alice (Milla Jovovich) and her cohorts (Oded Fehr, Ali Larter) try to eradicate an undead virus.
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A bit exagerating

By Lorant
When I first saw Resident Evil(I'm talking about the first part) I didn't know what I was watching,but I promised miself that I'll do whatever it takes to find out what will happen next (if your...


By Daydream
I dont remember much of the first two Resident Evils, but I went into this movie to see if it was as good as people say it is. This movie definately has suspense. Im not a big jumper in movies, but...

Good Sequel

By TheRealHades
It was a pretty good sequel for the movie franchise. Much better than the second one as it brought back the elements of fear and survival. Now if you go into this hoping to see it based on the...

Resident Evil "Extinction" is Aptly named

By Patthemoviebuff
The third movie of the trilogy, Resident Evil will no doubt let down the millions of fans that is has created due to two very solid installment outings. "Extinction" is aptly named as it's a movie...

Resident Evil, extremely poor acting

By wynot
What were they thinking? OMG, Ashanti, not only CAN'T act, she extremely sucked and is SO unbelievable. What can't the priss get her face or clothes dirty? Even my dog does a better acting job. ...

Love It!!

By tyrantjo
I am a big fan of the Resident Evil series and I can't wait for this next installment to come out!! It wont be a let down!!...

They're running out of ideas

By Stevuke
The first one was truly novel. The second one was a clever way to have an interesting sequel. And for this one, they clearly ran out of material. The various subplots did not connect well and...

Looks To Be The Best One Yet

By bigrod1980
Looks like they pickup right were the last movie left off and move into some heavy action. I'm looking forward to seeing who else they bring in from the games. I'm also glad to see they are straying...

resident evil: extinction

By Kristen_Martinez2005
this movie was a huge disappoinment comparred to the first 2. also the acting was weak and the storyline sucked....

I've seen better....

By xchunter391
Truthfully the movie started off in the right direction however some plot and explanations seemed a little weak. The end fight sequence was not nearly as good as the previous movie. Although I will...

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Rated R | For strong horror violence throughout and some nudity
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Common Sense Media says Zombie sequel is just as grisly as the first two.
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